Our Newest Website Details a New Way to Straighten Teeth

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This spring, we’ve been learning a lot about dental health and straight teeth here at Ohno Design. Our latest website to go live is all about Fastbraces®, a service provided by Dr. Donald J. Sabourin, DDS, PLLC, and Dr. Joel Hayden, DDS. Fastbraces promises to deliver straight teeth in half the time and at half the price of traditional braces. … Read More

We Really Sunk Our Teeth Into Dental Website

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We’ve been smiling a lot lately around the Ohno Design studio as we’ve worked with the team at Sabourin & Hayden, DDS, to develop their new website. While working on the website, we learned more about oral health. The Sabourin & Hayden team is so nice that we even enjoyed the lessons. To explore the Sabourin & Hayden website, click … Read More

Ohno Joining the Team at CMURC in Bay City

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We’ve partnered with the Central Michigan University Research Corporation to help businesses in this area thrive and grow. The CMURC logo includes the words “accelerating business,” which ties in well with Ohno’s goal of helping businesses succeed. That’s why we’ll have at least one person from our team at the CMURC building in Uptown Bay City every Thursday beginning March … Read More

New Budgets, New Goals and New Strategies

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It’s that time of year again. New budgets, new goals, and new strategies. If you plan on getting a new website built in 2017, here are some things you should ask your designer about before signing on the dotted line. Look around. How many people do you know who use their smartphones to access the web? How many times have … Read More

Firefighting Equipment Highlighted on New Front Line Services Inc. Website

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If you love the excitement of fire trucks and sirens, you have to visit our latest website, Front Line Services Inc. We had a great time working with this Freeland-based company that has been providing emergency equipment to firefighters since 1990. Visit the website and you’ll discover photos of emergency vehicles and equipment in use all over Michigan. We admit … Read More

Capital Granite Inc. Announces Its Re-Designed Website

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If you’ve ever dreamed of adding granite, marble, quartz or porcelain to your home or business décor, then visit our newest website for inspiration. Ohno recently worked with Capital Granite Inc. to refresh its website and re-design its logo. The family-owned business celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Before we started working with the team at Capital Granite, we knew natural … Read More

Veterans Day Honors All Who Served in the U.S. Armed Forces

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  On Friday, November 11, we honor all who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. It’s also the traditional day to personally say thank you to all the veterans you know. Many of us at Ohno Design have family members who have served their country. We also have learned more about the sacrifices men and women in the armed services … Read More

Garpiel Group Debuts New Website

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If you want information about anything related to your landscape, outdoor plants, or patios and pools, then you need to visit the Garpiel Group website. We just finished helping them update their website with new photos and text. Click through the website and you’ll find a wealth of information about everything from pests and diseases likely to attack Michigan lawns … Read More

Michael’s Photos Featured in MLive Article About Devastating 1986 Flood

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In September 1986, when record-setting rainstorms flooded much of Michigan, Michael Robb was just beginning his career as a photographer at The Saginaw News. Recently, MLive ran a story and photos highlighting the 30th anniversary of the flood and announcing a Bay County MSU Extension project to document the event. According to MLive, the Great Flood of 1986 stretched across … Read More