Statewide Organization Gave Our Team Some Unique Opportunities

Ohno StaffBlog

When the Michigan Dental Assistants Association (MDAA) asked us to help redesign their membership website from scratch, we knew the job entailed some unusual challenges. The association represents dental assistants all over the state. The assistants charged with updating the website each hailed from a different office in a different part of the state.

We were only able to meet in person a couple of times.  Instead, we communicated primarily through an online planning and organization tool that allowed us to collaborate on content (words, photos, logos, etc.) without sending documents back and forth through email. The tool allowed us to work on the same documents and see each person’s suggestions.

Our web developers structured the coding on the site so it’s easy to navigate on mobile devices and to help the site appear higher in search engine results.

Browse through the site and you’ll learn what dental assistants do every day. You’ll also discover a wealth of professional links that connect assistants to vital information about rules and regulations. If you’ve considered a career in health care, click here to check out the Students & Instructors page. You can learn more about Careers by clicking here.  If you’re already an assistant, but not part of MDAA, then click here to visit the Local Affiliates page and discover the organization near you.

We love that technology makes these kinds of ventures possible. To see what we created together, click here to visit the MDAA website. 

Thank you to the MDAA for choosing Ohno Design for your website work.