It’s all about that face-to-face

Ohno StaffBlog

At Ohno Design we are all about creating connections with our clients to form long-term relationships.

As a digital-focused company it can be easy to use all of the technology at our fingertips – from email to video conference calls to project management software – communicating with our clients is easier than ever. But there is something to be said about seeing what makes a client’s eyes light up and a firm handshake.

In order to execute a brand strategy that is cohesive with a company’s vision, we regularly meet with our marketing clients. We discuss video, photography, design, social media and reach in relation to our clients’ overall branding.

Combine our strong belief in original photography for authenticity and the importance of face-to-face meetings for trust and understanding, and Michael and Ashlee were off to the east coast last week!

Rain or shine (well, mostly rain) Michael was able to capture some amazing photography while their brainstorming chats with the team and goal setting meetings laid the foundation for a strategic marketing plan.

Understanding why people do business is just as important as understanding what they do. Taking the time to sincerely get to know our clients and foster a partnership is always a win-win situation. We are excited to take the knowledge and research that was brought back to our Ohno Team and help our amazing new client dominate their industry.