Multimedia: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Multimedia

Cobblestone Homes building a home

Make friends with a celebrity, and good things can happen. Cobblestone Homes was first introduced to “The Bachelor” Bob Guiney during filming for HGTV’s “Showhouse Showdown,” and smartly realized that the friendship could be productive in other ways. Most notably, Cobblestone had Guiney star in promotional videos that Ohno produced. We’ve also created home maintenance videos, home gallery slideshows, PowerPoint … Read More

Social Media: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Social Media

We could tell you how we’ve grown Cobblestone’s Facebook page by hundreds of likes with contests and other promotions. Or we could tell you how we consistently drive Facebook users to the Cobblestone website with engaging content. But what does any of that really mean? Instead, we’ll tell you what Cobblestone owner Mark Wahl told us: “We sold those houses … Read More

Photography: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Photography

We can write about Cobblestone Homes until our hands cramp, but what homebuyers really want is to see the craftsmanship themselves. Our photography captures the beauty, elegance and pride that goes into every square foot of a Cobblestone Home. Nearly 50,000 photographs are viewed every month by visitors to Cobblestone’s website. That’s a lot of potential customers coming through Cobblestone’s … Read More

Consulting: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Consulting

The modern technological world can be difficult to navigate. From determining website and social media needs, to knowing what computers, tablets or phones integrate best: We provide the solutions to make it all run smoothly. For Cobblestone Homes, solutions have included a file system based on DropBox, and ways to accommodate the enormous amount of photography they must manage. We’ve … Read More

Writing: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Writing

Our journalism background and writing skills have proved productive for Cobblestone Homes. Our press releases for Cobblestone have produced some of the most tangible results, receiving prominent play in local media – many being published word for word as sent to local newspapers. Our press releases for Cobblestone’s filming of HGTV’s “Showhouse Showdown” resulted in media attention that drew a … Read More

Web Design: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Web Design

The Cobblestone Homes website begs for a platform that showcases our original photography, so we answered the call. In the current site (our third for Cobblestone), we’ve built in extensive photo galleries, backend sorting capabilities so homeowners can “shop” for amenities, and a video library that homeowners log into for information about home maintenance. The Cobblestone website is more than … Read More

Branding: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Branding

When Cobblestone Homes came to us, it had an established logo. Throughout the years, we’ve modernized the look, also developing the two-letter logo seen here. Because we do it all for Cobblestone, its well-recognized brand is consistent across all marketing platforms.