Multimedia: Garpiel Group

Ohno Staff Multimedia

Garpiel Group header

Garpiel Group needed something to use at trade shows that illustrates the expert care that goes into its landscaping, hardscaping and other projects. Sure, a brochure is nice, but this multimedia slideshow makes more of an impact and helps Garpiel Group stand out in the crowd at home and garden shows, as well as on YouTube. With our choice of … Read More

Multimedia: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Multimedia

Cobblestone Homes building a home

Make friends with a celebrity, and good things can happen. Cobblestone Homes was first introduced to “The Bachelor” Bob Guiney during filming for HGTV’s “Showhouse Showdown,” and smartly realized that the friendship could be productive in other ways. Most notably, Cobblestone had Guiney star in promotional videos that Ohno produced. We’ve also created home maintenance videos, home gallery slideshows, PowerPoint … Read More