Advertising: Bay City Motor Company

Ohno Staff Advertising

The Bay City Motor Company advertisement inHemmings Motor News – “The Bible of the Collector Car Hobby” – reaches 175,000 classic car enthusiasts worldwide each month. When you’re seen by that many subscribers in a publication an inch thick, you must stand out. That’s exactly what we’ve helped Bay City Motor do – from concept to photography to design and … Read More

Photography: Bay City Motor Company

Ohno Staff Photography

When discerning enthusiasts are interested in collector cars, you must give them a good look at the ones you’re selling, or they’ll look elsewhere. When those enthusiasts are sometimes halfway around the world, it sure helps to have top-notch photography. The Bay City Motor Company has built a reputation for honesty and integrity in the classic car market. That starts … Read More

Branding: Bay City Motor Company

Ohno Staff Branding

When you sell cars that in some instances cost as much as a home, you must portray a certain level of sophistication. That’s what we have provided for the Bay City Motor Company. Our redesigned logo immediately sends a message of refinement and polish – just like the cars themselves. We also created the company tagline: “Drive Your Dream.” Together, … Read More