A Website Designed by Ohno Selected for an ADDY Award

Ohno StaffBlog

We always knew there was something special about our partnership with Central Michigan University Research Corporation and its signature publication, MUSE. We were delighted to help develop the website where MUSE publishes all its articles online, enabling their business expertise to reach a wide audience.

Recently, we announced (along with the CMURC staff) that the MUSE website was earning honors from the American Advertising Awards, also known as the ADDY Awards. We’re excited that our work to help MUSE and CMURC is earning recognition.

Click here to visit the website and you’re sure to pick up some practical tips for improving your business.

While you’re there, read the article “Experience the Magic. Building a Successful Brand is Much More Than Just a Name.” You’ll see Michael quoted in the article that guides businesses to the best way to build a brand. Click here to go directly to the article.