Try Our Technology Challenge

Ohno StaffBlog

Congratulations to all the racers and sponsors who raised $21,000 for the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission through the Race for the Rescue 2018 on Sept. 15. The team at Paramount Rehabilitation Services put in countless hours to organize this fun event, which was the first fundraiser for a new shelter for homeless youth in Bay City. Ohno was proud to sponsor this event and create the posters, folders, tickets, and other print materials.

During the event, 24 teams of 4 people each raced through Bay City. The Ohno team was made up of our own Mel Dyjak, Kathy Roberts, Zack Rueger, and  Zack’s fiancée, Valarie Weidman. During the race, we visited event sponsors to complete challenges. Completing a challenge earned us a clue that led to the next stop. The Ohno team didn’t earn any awards for our speed, but we’re already making plans to improve our time next year.

The challenge that racers had to complete at Ohno Design combined history and technology. We asked racers to look at 8 cameras and 8 computers and put them in order from oldest to newest. Try your hand at the challenge. In the above photos, the cameras and computers are numbered 1 through 8, from left to right. Put them in order from oldest to newest. We’ll put the answer on Facebook next week so you can see how many you got right.

If you think this challenge is fun, then think about signing up for the 2019 Race for the Rescue. You’ll have a great time while raising money for a worthy cause.

By the numbers, the 2018 event was a success:

  • $21,000 raised
  • 240 people attended the finish line dinner
  • 96 people (24 teams of 4) ran
  • 31 sponsors