Web Design: The Bay City Independents

Ohno Staff Web Design

Bay City Independents homepage

Ohno Design’s favorite sports team is The Bay City Independents Vintage Base Ball Club. That’s not just because we designed their website or because Alan plays on the team. These classic games are just good, old-fashioned fun. If you haven’t shouted huzzah during a game in Carroll Park, then you haven’t really experienced summer in Bay City. You owe it … Read More

Web Design: Cedar Springs Brewing Company

Ohno Staff Web Design

Cedar Springs Brewing Company homepage

Cedar Springs Brewing Company is an Ohno staff favorite. We like beer. We like good food. We like websites. We like marketing. This partnership was a natural. Our only disappointment is the brewery isn’t close enough for us to stop in for after-hours staff meetings.

Web Design: Bay Machining and Sales Inc.

Ohno Staff Web Design

Bay Machining homepage

Bay Machining and Sales Inc. does some amazing work. They create parts for race cars, agricultural equipment, the chemical industry and more. Bay Machining consistently impresses its clients with quality workmanship and quick turnaround times. But when they came to us, their logo was out-of-date and their website non-existent.

Web Design: Herman Hiss

Ohno Staff Web Design

The Herman Hiss & Company goal was the same when it was founded in 1867 as it is today: Providing high-quality jewelry, watches and gifts at a fair price. Today, though, those items are available both in an online store and in a downtown store.

Web Design: Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic

Ohno Staff Web Design

The Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic website serves many functions. It provides information about SVEC’s services, gives clients easy access to forms, serves as a resource for equine education information and much more. The time and effort put into the vast amount of content on the site has paid off. Site pages receive thousands of views from horse owners seeking information … Read More

Web Design: Knight FM

Ohno Staff Web Design

Becoming a global facilities management company brings with it several perks, but it also brings challenges. The website we created for Knight Facilities Management provides solutions. What you see: A clean, informative website that tells visitors who KnightFM is, what it does, and how it does it. What you don’t see: A vast backend intranet that connects KnightFM employees around … Read More

Web Design: Cobblestone Homes

Ohno Staff Web Design

The Cobblestone Homes website begs for a platform that showcases our original photography, so we answered the call. In the current site (our third for Cobblestone), we’ve built in extensive photo galleries, backend sorting capabilities so homeowners can “shop” for amenities, and a video library that homeowners log into for information about home maintenance. The Cobblestone website is more than … Read More

Web Design: Bay City Academy

Ohno Staff Web Design

When you open a charter school, folks have questions. What’s the education philosophy? Why is it good for my kid? What the heck is a charter school, anyway? We created the Bay City Academy website with tons of information to answer those questions, provide easy registration opportunities and more. Since the school’s opening, we have continued to update the site’s … Read More