Our Newest Website Details a New Way to Straighten Teeth

Ohno StaffBlog

New Fastbraces homepage

This spring, we’ve been learning a lot about dental health and straight teeth here at Ohno Design.

Our latest website to go live is all about Fastbraces®, a service provided by Dr. Donald J. Sabourin, DDS, PLLC, and Dr. Joel Hayden, DDS. Fastbraces promises to deliver straight teeth in half the time and at half the price of traditional braces. Patients also report less discomfort from Fastbraces.

The new website explains the Fastbraces process and offers tips for current and past patients. You’ll find hints for brushing your teeth while wearing braces and suggestions for cleaning your retainers after the braces come off.

Visit the Fastbraces website here so you can learn more about this interesting process.