Jesse Goes Back to School

Ohno StaffBlog

Celebrating Jesse's new job as a teacher

Jesse Dockett took back-to-school season seriously this year when he joined the Bay-Arenac ISD Career Center as an Emerging Technology Instructor.

Since 2012, Jesse has been a Web Developer for Ohno. Starting this month, he will work for Ohno only occasionally. His primary job will be teaching computer programming, web development, and multimedia production to high school juniors and seniors at the Career Center.

Here at Ohno, we always knew Jesse was a natural teacher. He constantly sought out new information about how things worked and shared it with us. We hope he’s ready for a constant stream of emails from us asking questions. We’re used to Jesse explaining everything from how search engines crawl the web to whether or not ketchup ever actually expires.

Good luck on your new adventure, Jesse!