Coop’s Iron Works Builds Enthusiasm for Exercise

Ohno StaffBlog

We’ve found the perfect antidote for the end-of-summer blues. There’s a new gym in the area called Coop’s Iron Works. Everyone knows exercise releases endorphins and makes us feel better, but it can be intimidating to join a gym. Coop’s Iron Works might change that. We are impressed with all the details Rob and Michelle Cooper built into this gym to make it comfortable for everyone from novices to competitive bodybuilders.

Both Rob, the owner, and Michelle, the co-owner, are award-winning bodybuilders and fitness experts. They’ve used their years of experience as gym members to create an atmosphere where serious, competitive powerlifters feel as welcome as people seeking simple, recreational fitness classes.

“We want people to enjoy their time at the gym while engaged in safe and effective exercise routines,” Rob says. “We love helping everyone from serious weightlifters who want an intense workout on one-of-a-kind machines to exercise enthusiasts who seek challenging and fun classes in a group setting.”

Click here to visit Coop’s Iron Works website and find out for yourself what makes this gym different from any other options in the area. Join today and imagine how good you’ll feel all through the winter months.