Begick’s Nursery & Garden Center Gets a Fresh Look for Spring

Ohno StaffBlog

If all the plants transforming to vibrant shades of green and starting to flower has you eager to spruce up your yard or home, then we have exactly what you need. Click here to visit Begick’s Nursery & Garden Center and explore flowers, plant & lawn care, home decor, outdoor furniture, power tools, and more. We just finished giving this website a fresh, new look.

The best new feature is a Plant Finder. You can search for a specific plant, such as a hosta, and learn about the different varieties available. Or you can search a more general category, such as flowering trees. Click on a link and learn what makes individual types of plants grow and thrive. Click here to visit the Plant Finder feature and try it for yourself.

We’re pretty sure this feature is going to be especially popular next February when everyone is dreaming about spring.