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Our Clients


From horses to hot rods, custom homes to nursing homes, we’ve helped clients throughout Michigan and beyond grow their businesses. We invite you to peruse our portfolio.




Meet the Team

Michael Robb

Information Architect

Tammie Stimpfel

Graphic Organizer

Alan N. Garcia

Creative Instigator

Jesse Dockett

Diligent Developer

Lindsey VanDenBoom

Artistic Engineer

Beemer Robb

Chief of Security


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Studio Ohno

In the cozy river town of Bay City, Michigan, sits an 1850s Victorian home that pulses with modern technology. This is the Ohno Design Studio. For our first decade, we operated out of the front parlor. From 2011 to 2013, we spread to other rooms. In September of 2013, we expanded into the home next door and continued to grow. Progress.

Security Chief Beemer somehow manages numerous naps throughout the day in the soft glow of twinkling pastel Christmas lights that hang year-round. While he slumbers to the smooth sounds of studio favorites David Bowie, Pearl Jam and Beastie Boys, the occasional FedEx deliveryman or menacing squirrel outside the window can quickly put him on alert.

Our fingerless mannequin, Lucy, stands near a hanging velvet Elvis, who has a perpetual tear on his cheek. We don’t know how he can stay so sad, especially with the smell of Tammie’s cooking wafting through the studio several days a week. Tammie’s homemade lunches are one of the great perks of Ohno employment. She makes this amazing baked cauliflower with a to-die-for buttery crumb crust that makes us not care that she’s tricking us into eating vegetables. Then there’s the flaky tilapia, the teriyaki chicken, the fajitas, and ooh ooh: the fluffy baked potatoes the size of a first-grader’s head!

Near big, bright windows sits an antique drafting table from a former ship-building factory here in town. Here, we brainstorm. We create solutions. We sit surrounded by technology and local history and Bowie and baked cauliflower, and we navigate our clients’ futures. “Reputation managers,” we’ve been called. Image makers. Risk takers. All right here, from our little studio.

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Ohno Design
823 N. Farragut St.
Bay City, MI 48708
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