Chief of Security

If you need me,
just whistle.

Lego joined the staff of Ohno Design in March 2015. He takes great pride in finding innovative places to sleep. Lego has slept under the conference table, under each and every desk, curled up on a shoe mat and in one of Alan’s old sweatshirts. He sleeps through staff meetings, client meetings, brainstorming sessions, raucous office lunches and more.

Being the first greeter on the scene.
Chasing balls down the sidewalk. Love tracking them down when the big guy throws them into the bushes. Plus it keeps fit for my security details.
On the porch, in the backyard and of course sitting on Alan’s lap while he tries to work.
After waking up from a nice, long nap, there’s nothing better than wrestling with Remus, my cousin who lives next door. Remus is an Aussie doodle, so he’s much smaller than I am. Sometimes he darts into places far too small for me to fit. That doesn’t stop me from chasing him. I know Alan always rescues me when I get stuck. After Remus goes home, I’m ready for a nice, long nap.
In my younger napping days I dreamt of keeping the Ohno staff safe and sound.
I will always nap at the feet of Ohno employees. Warm feet makes for high-quality work.