Tammie Stimpfel

Tammie Stimpfel co-founded Ohno Design in 2000 with the ultra-techno-talented Michael Robb. Today, she is a graphic artist who places a high priority on making sure our team has everything we need to be happy and successful in our jobs and lives. Tammie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on graphic design from Saginaw Valley State University and a minor in computer science – “my way of creating art on computers before the curriculum for graphic design using technology was created.” She also has a K-12 art teacher certification. She has earned many design awards, though “I feel true reward is in an appreciative smile, whether it’s from a client who feels we nailed the heart and soul of their business in our presentation of them, or from staff who enjoyed a lunch I made for them,” she said. Ten years in a newspaper editorial department taught her how to complete hard work with tight deadlines. “I also learned to be precise because in newspapers, mistakes are embedded in history.”