Tammie Stimpfel

Tammie Stimpfel co-founded Ohno Design in 2000 with the ultra-techno-talented Michael Robb. Today, she is a graphic artist who places a high priority on making sure our team has everything we need to be happy and successful in our jobs and lives. Tammie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis on graphic design from Saginaw Valley State University and a minor in computer science – “my way of creating art on computers before the curriculum for graphic design using technology was created.” She also has a K-12 art teacher certification. She has earned many design awards, though “I feel true reward is in an appreciative smile, whether it’s from a client who feels we nailed the heart and soul of their business in our presentation of them, or from staff who enjoyed a lunch I made for them,” she said. Ten years in a newspaper editorial department taught her how to complete hard work with tight deadlines. “I also learned to be precise because in newspapers, mistakes are embedded in history.”

I like the diversity of clientele that we have and the many different challenges they offer Ohno Design. I am always looking for the opportunity to learn something new. At Ohno, I learn a lot from our clients – horseshoes to hairstyles, real estate to restitution, server ware to servitude, building construction to bowel constriction … you get the picture.
My favorite thing to do is walk in the woods, preferably near a river or stream. Michael claims that I’m Elven in descent. We have three wonderful children whom we work hard to guide into thoughtful, thought-provoking, strategic thinking, young adults. I am a firm believer in brain-based education and love the melding of the science of education with the arts as a means to expand perception and learning.
Waitress/bartender, pet store sales and mall retail sales – all at the same time, and all while going to college full time. While finishing up at SVSU eons ago, I landed at the Bay City Times as an artist in the editorial department before taking time to raise a family and launch this venture as a side business. This helped keep Michael in the technology loop and myself into something other than babies. As our kids grew, so did this business.
I love putting on a helmet, twisting the throttle and leaving everything but me and my motorcycle far behind for a few hours, a few days or better yet (but way too seldom), a few weeks for a true adventure. My true passion, however, would be my family.
I started by drawing pictures out of the newspaper as a child. I’d try to copy comics and characters. Then I moved to drawing animals as accurately as I could from photos in our Encyclopedia Britannica set. In high school, I took graphic arts at the career center for two years. Still, I chose to go the route of biology my first year of college before switching back and finishing in an artistic direction. Science and art, 50-50 left brain-right brain, still and always.
We think big picture, even in the smallest things we do. We create unique views of what is important to our clients and present their vision to the world.
We have 4-Beer-Thirty and lunch together, but mostly Ohno is unique because of our team approach. We respect each other’s ideas and opinions, and work together to come to a consensus on what we believe is best in any given situation.