Alan LaFave

Alan LaFave joined the team at Ohno in the summer of 2016 and brings his 20+ years of experience in marketing and operations for a national retailer to the Great Lakes Bay Region. Having helped a local business become a regional success, Alan joined the marketing team of a national specialty retailer, all the while still living in his hometown of Bay City. Staying connected to his community has always been important to him. Alan has a Bachelor’s Degree in advertising/public relations from Grand Valley State University.

It’s all about the people I get to work with, both within Ohno and our client partners. I enjoy developing processes to make things easier as well as finding the right solutions for business challenges. Ohno’s casual atmosphere is an enjoyable setting to work, especially when you’re greeted by Lego every morning.
I try to stay active in the community by participating on a couple local nonprofit boards and committees. I’m also one of the founders of the Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival, board president of Hell’s Half Mile Events and member of the national Film Festival Alliance. As you may have guessed, my community means the world to me, as do film and music. Other than that, you can find me playing soccer and gardening in the summer. From winter through spring, I’m off to some of the biggest film festivals in the country.
For 23 years, I worked in the men’s formalwear industry. I was the Marketing Director of Sempliner’s Tuxedo World, which had 15 stores in the State of Michigan when I started and 35 stores in 3 states in 2000 when the company was sold to the national rental/retailer, After Hours Formalwear. At After Hours Formalwear, I was the Marketing Projects Manager, handling everything from the bridal show program to overseeing the development of the website. I transitioned to becoming the Special Events Manager when the company was purchased by The Men’s Wearhouse in 2007 and remained there for 7 years. Since then, I’ve worked to grow the Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival and helped develop a nonprofit for the festival.
My passion is focused around experiences. Whether I’m trying something new, traveling, or just finding something interesting in an everyday moment, I try to appreciate what I’m experiencing.
When most kids would head to the kitchen for a snack during commercials, I would stay in front of the TV to sing the jingles and recite lines from my favorite commercials. I also wanted to work at McMann and Tate, the fictional advertising agency that the character Darrin Stephens worked at on the TV show “Bewitched”.
My pledge is to get to know our clients’ businesses to help provide them with the best possible marketing tools to help them succeed.
The Ohno team is genuinely interested in being a partner for your business. We’ll work hard and smart to help you succeed.