Jesse Dockett

Jesse Dockett joined Ohno Design in 2012. At 27 years young, he has obtained a world of experience from photography and design to development and programming. Like others at Ohno, Jesse started his career in the newspaper industry as a photo intern, and like others, had to leave when the newspaper world crumbled in the mid-2000s.

Jesse is our dedicated developer working mainly on the interactive parts of websites but has been known to delve deeper into the inner workings of websites to provide security and stability. He also moonlights in video productions, graphic design, and comedic relief at the office.

Every day presents a new and interesting challenge. I get to do a variety of tasks that really keep me going. One morning, I was on an airplane taking aerial photographs for a couple of our clients. That afternoon, I was programming an interactive piece for a client, and I finished my day by debugging a script that another client had written for themselves but was having a hard time with.
I’ve been doing a lot of woodworking lately, remodeling my house with my wife. When it’s warm out, I like to kayak and go bicycling. When it’s cold, I fill my time with movies and broadening my programming knowledge.
You name it, I’ve been there. Restaurants, gas stations, a large chemical corporation, cellphone repair man, direct sales, photographer, web developer… I even spent a short time in the U.S. Army. I started working at age 12 (full time around 15). I’ve never felt as good about what I was doing as I do now with Ohno Design. I think I’ve found a place I’d really like to stay.
Problem solving. I love figuring out how to make things work. I take apart and rebuild everything from computers and software to cars and houses. I love knowing as much as I can about everything.
My mother is a designer, too. When I was really young, I can remember her taking me to a design class with her when she was getting her degree. I was using professional design software before I learned to read. Around 13 or 14, I began putting together short movies and programming small games. None of it was very good, but I really enjoyed myself and have stuck with it for years, and I’d say I’m not half bad anymore.
No puzzle is too great. If you want it, I can figure out how to do it. That’s not to say that it will be easy or fast, but I will figure it out.
We’re not just a 9-to-5 design shop. We’re working around the clock thinking about how to make you look better. We hang out together outside of work, too, which means we’re constantly bouncing ideas off of each other.
We can do everything, and we do it well. Most places offer only a few services. We are so unequivocally diverse in our talents that we can really meet any of your needs.