Alan Garcia

Alan N. Garcia joined the Ohno Design team as an artist/graphic designer in 2010 after a 17-year career in the fish wrap business designing feature and front pages, illustrations and informational graphics for three area newspapers. He studied on the job directly out of high school with Ohno founders Tammie Stimpfel and Michael Robb at The Bay City Times. He earned an associate’s degree from Delta College in journalism focusing on graphic design, and was a member of the award-winning newspaper staff there from 1993-95. Garcia won various Associated Press awards for information graphics and features while at The Times, and designed many of the memorable front pages there between 1995 and 2009.

At Ohno, Garcia mans the tunes throughout the workday and attempts to be the Ohno class clown while maintaining a kidlike enthusiasm for new technology, design and creative ideas. As he is constantly seeking new visual stimulation to include in designs, Garcia’s influences include modern and vintage typography, graffiti, street art and tattoos, along with T-shirt and apparel design.